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Cobra's Shadow

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Fair warning
Lahore Old City
From last Thursday:

"Now on BBC Radio 4: our afternoon play, 'Cavity,' by Sean Grundy. A strange but funny story about a woman hiding in the recesses a house. Listeners should be aware that it contains scenes of a sexual nature, and the music of James Blunt."

Meme from Sabotabby
Lahore Old City
Take this picture:

Alter it so that you get the cake, then repost it to your blog!

Imagine what I'd do for a chocolate one.

Gearing Up for Festivus
Lahore Old City

Eddie Izzard buys a cow in Friesland
Lahore Old City
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To Russia, with Love: Part 2
Russian dolls
All right, so Matt voted that I write Bogdanov a campaign song, but it pretty quickly morphed into a lounge number. I sang myself hoarse rehearsing to get the balance right, then thought, "screw it, this is time sensitive!" I don't have a convenient excuse for the piano.

In honor of today's Russian presidential election, I give you: "Bogdanov (Government Chooses You!)"

The lyrics:

You're a mystery man, Bogdanov;
All we know is, you like fishin'
Rumor says the Kremlin's backing you
To split the opposition
Though we'd like to think Dimitri
Has a more refined M.O.
The present culture needs no Petri Dish
For discontent to grow

You can't circumvent this simple truth,
No matter what you do:
In Vladimir's Russia,
Government Chooses You!

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To Russia with Love
I have just found Andrei Bogdanov's e-mail address.

What should be done?

A) Babelfish him a fan letter
B) Ask him to endorse a U.S. presidential candidate in return for an endorsement of his campaign
C) Same as B, with Ron Paul letterhead
D) Compose and e-mail him a campaign song/video
E) Too much work; just rickroll him
F) Send him a picture of a middle-aged bearded guy laughing with the caption "Nadia loves A. Bogdanov" (if you get this, we are eternal soulmates)

Any goofy/sly/brilliant ideas, guys?

Working on a new mood theme: Western Composers. Say hi to Carl Maria von Weber.

(20:11 PST) ETA: G) In Vladimir's Russia, Government Chooses You!

Grow the language
The Obama website used to have a graphic that read, "Grow the Movement."
A canvasser I spoke with last week wanted to "grow awareness" or "grow support," I can't recall which.
A recent Comcast mailing promises to help me to grow my small business.

This use of "grow" as a transitive verb in conjunction with an abstract object sounds really weird and foreign to me. I first noticed it a few months ago and now seem to run into it every few weeks. I had a bit of fun with the British National Corpus trying to see how common it was. Conclusion: not very, but not unheard of either. I wonder whether it's becoming more prevalent or whether I've simply been oblivious until recently.

Out of 101 random instances of the word "grow":

Intransitive: Read more...Collapse )
Transitive: Read more...Collapse )

Songs of Praise for the hearing impaired

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Panamanian frog semaphore
Lahore Old City
Two of my longest-standing obsessions combined. Awesome!

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Lahore Old City
I just learned a new German word: "Waschkraft."

I'm envisioning "World of Waschkraft." Opening/homepage graphics shot: scene from "1984." The rotund washerwoman bellowing out the inane CG love song. Then the suds in the washtub coalesce into a hideous blue foam creature that latches onto her and drags her down into the washtub. Muffled screams, furious bubbles, silence.

New icon just for this thought.

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